Recycled cashmere

100 % regenerated quality cashmere


Respect for nature

Why want clothes or accessories from new cashmere only? Think about nature. Acquire perfect luxury with 100% vintage cashmere.

Luxury that lasts

Dress your customers in quality recycled cashmere and ensure they experience the softness and warmth for years to come.



Every article of clothing from 100% cashmere goes through the hands of our trained professionals that only choose perfect pieces for regeneration.


Uncover the secret of recycled cashmere

The history of cashmere – the unique fabric that comes from the fur undercoat of the rare cashmere goat that lives in the Himalayas – began more than 2000 years ago. We care about the growing need to lessen the ecological impacts of manufacturing and take advantage of the longevity of this perfect fibre, which retains its amazing qualities even after regeneration and keeps its specific properties. Experience the perfection with your own skin.

What can you expect from the Recashmere collection?

  • Quality clothing from luxury 100% recycled cashmere from the USA and Europe; its manufacture overseen by trained professionals.
  • Ideal ratio of quality and price.
  • Our uniquely designed clothing can be enjoyed anywhere in the world – we have branches in the Czech Republic and Italy and import to Russia or the USA.


Regenerated cashmere sweaters

Thanks to the regeneration of older quality clothing from 100% cashmere, our professionals can create new, luxurious pieces with a unique design. Even you can be charmed by lush vintage cashmere and help the world with the zero ecological impact of the manufacturing.

100 % recycled cashmere


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Experience luxury on your own skin with recycled cashmere sweaters and be pampered by their perfect softness that warms you up during those frosty winters.

Vintage style


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Travel to the past with Cashmere s. r. o. and offer a fashionable vintage cashmere sweater that will charm everyone you know.

A warm fabric


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Are you always cold in sweaters made from regular sheep’s wool? Clothing from 100% recycled cashmere will warm you up 6x more.

Carefully chosen


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Only quality materials from the USA and Europe are chosen for regeneration, and every piece goes through the hands and eyes of our trained professionals.

We think about nature


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Sell luxurious elegance that cares about creating zero ecological impact during its manufacture. Choose cashmere sweaters from 100% recycled cashmere.


No country is a problem for us. Cashmere s.r.o. has branches in the Czech Republic and Italy and we deliver the Recashmere collection to the whole world.

100 % quality

Only quality materials from the USA and Europe are chosen for making recycled cashmere sweaters to always ensure perfect luxury for you.


We help keep the ecological impact, which would otherwise be created while making new cashmere pieces, at zero during our manufacturing process by regenerating older cashmere clothing.

The carefully chosen cashmere is processed in the Czech Republic and Italy

And we can deliver it to you as well


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