Recycled cashmere wholesale



Cashmere wholesale – the Czech Republic

Let yourself be pampered by the softness and quality of clothing made from vintage cashmere. The Cashmere s.r.o. wholesale of the Czech Republic allows the citizens of the heart of Europe, to experience unique fabrics from the fur of the rare cashmere goat, with their own skin. Support nature as well and ensure your clothing is manufactured without any ecological impact, with us.

Cashmere wholesale – import to Russia

Survive cold winters with luxury clothing from vintage cashmere with grace. You can easily obtain this warm elegance with the Cashmere s. r. o. wholesale, that will ensure 100% quality of the clothing, which is uniquely designed and will charm every lover of perfect harmony between man and nature. Even you can be dazzled by the uniqueness of vintage cashmere.

Cashmere wholesale - Italy

Obtain unique clothing and accessories made from quality vintage cashmere for yourself. We bring them to you at the Cashmere s. r. o. wholesale in Italy, a country known around the whole world for its great fashion and a taste for designer pieces. Help nature with us and enjoy the unique luxury of 100% cashmere that will warm you during every cold winter night.

Cashmere wholesale – the USA

Discover the charm of a unique fabric from the rare cashmere goat that we bring to the USA with the Cashmere s. r. o. wholesale. The clothes are manufactured in the Czech Republic and Italy without any ecological impact and under the supervision of trained professionals that will ensure the luxury is perfectly pleasant to look at or touch.
Pamper both yourself and nature with vintage cashmere.

Experience perfect luxury with CASHMERE

In CASHMERE wholesale, we bring unique designs, 100% quality and zero ecological waste from the manufacturing process to luxury lovers all over the world. Choose from luxurious pieces of clothing and accessories that are made from 100% vintage cashmere. We always make sure our pieces are of the highest-grade quality, that’s why we only get the materials from verified manufacturers from the USA and Europe.

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