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Become a proud seller of uniquely designed clothes from 100% recycled cashmere. You’re only one small step away from luxury with CASHMERE – contact our team with your wishes at or call them at +420 775 935 026.

Guarantee of quality

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We only use quality materials from the USA and Italy, which we carefully sort, and only choose perfect pieces, for the manufacture of 100% regenerated cashmere clothing.

Guarantee of safety

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We care about preserving zero ecological impact on nature while making every piece. That’s why we use older fibres of 100% cashmere that are still solid, high quality and will last for years and years.

Guarantee of professionalism

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Our trained staff in Italy and the Czech Republic choose only perfect pieces of older clothing made of 100% cashmere, which then undergo the regeneration process under the rigorous supervision of experts.


Whether you’re selling in Asia, Europe or America, Recashmere clothing from Cashmere
s.r.o. can be delivered to anywhere you want.

Warm material

Ordinary sheep’s wool won’t keep you warm that well during cold winters. Clothing from 100% regenerated cashmere is 6x warmer even when it’s freezing outside.


Thanks to the Recashmere collection, you will get uniquely designed pieces of clothing that will stand out anywhere.
Sell style and luxurious quality.

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+420 775 935 026